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IMA Sports Arena
Flint, Michigan, USA. Now known as the Perani’s Hockey World Arena & Event Center.
Home ice for : Flint Generals (1969-85), Flint Spirits (1985-90), Flint Bulldogs (1991-92), Flint Generals (1993- )
Capacity : 4,021 seats + 374 standing
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
Imlach, George 'Punch' (1918-1987)
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Centre.
Club Career (playing) :
Played for Toronto Goodyears 1938-40, Toronto Marlboros 1940-41 and Quebec Aces 1945-49.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Quebec Aces 1949-50, Toronto Maple Leafs 1958-69, Buffalo Sabres 1970-72 and Toronto Maple Leafs 1979-80.
Club Career (managing) : General Manager of the Buffalo Sabres 1970-78.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1962, 1963, 1964 & 1967 (coach).
Honours :
Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1984.
Immonen, Waltteri (- ) 
Club Career : Played for Jokerit Helsinki
Honours : Won the Matti Keinonen Trophy in 1991-92.
Won the Raimo Kilpiö Trophy in 1995-96. 
Imoo, Dusty (1970- )
International Career : Played for Japan in the 1998 Olympics and in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
Generally, this term is used in ice hockey to describe a professional player who was not born in the country in which he is playing. It is also used to describe a player who has learnt to play his hockey in a country other than his country of birth. Players who qualify by birth or residence for a country but learnt to play hockey outside of that country are referred to as dual nationals.
Imrie, Thomas 'Red' (1937- )
Born in Falkirk, Scotland. Played both forward and defence. Became a 'colour' commentator on BBC television.
International Career :
Played for Great Britain 1961-66.
Club Career (playing) : Played for Falkirk Lions 1940-55, Murrayfield Royals/Edinburgh Royals 1955-59, Paisley Pirates, Streatham 1959-60, Brighton Tigers 1960-65 and Wembley Lions 1965-69.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Brighton Tigers 1963-65 and Streatham Redskins 1969-85.
Medals : Won the North British League 1957-58
Won the British National League 1959-60.
Won the British Autumn Cup 1959-60.
Honours : Elected to the British Hall of Fame in 1987.
Won the World Championship Best Defenceman Award (Pool B) in 1966.
All-Star A Team Defenceman 1961-62, 1962-63 & 1964-65.
All-Star B Team Defenceman 1963-64.
All-Star B Team Coach 1963-64 & 1964-65.

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