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International Ice Hockey Federation. Founded in 1908 as the Ligue International de Hockey sur Glace (LIHG). The world governing body for ice hockey. The original members were Belgium, Bohemia (later called Czechoslovakia), England, France and Switzerland. Germany joined in 1909. Canada and the USA joined in 1920. Hong Kong and Taiwan joined in 1983. The IIHF is also the governing body for Inline Hockey. The first president was Louis Magnus.
i. Presidents : 
Louis Magnus 1908-12
Henri Van den Bulcke 1912-14
Major B M Patton 1914-14 *
Louis Magnus 1914-14 *
Henri Van den Bulcke 1914-20
Max Sillig 1920-22
Paul Loicq 1922-47
Dr Fritz Kraatz 1947-48
George Hardy 1948-51
Dr Fritz Kraatz 1951-54
Walter Brown 1954-57
John F 'Bunny' Ahearne 1957-60
Robert LeBel 1960-63
John F 'Bunny' Ahearne 1963-66
William Thayer Tutt 1966-69
John F 'Bunny' Ahearne 1969-75
Dr Günther Sabetzki 1975-94
René Fasel 1994-

* On the 25th of February 1914, the LIHG held their seventh annual congress in Berlin. That day saw the election of three presidents - in the first election, Louis Magnus was chosen but when he presented his proposals for the future of hockey, he got no support from the congress and decided to resign. Major B M Patton, as vice-president, automatically became president but he concluded that a new election should be held. In the re-run, Henri Van den Bulcke, whose term of office had run out earlier that day, became president again.
IIHF "Book of Books"
The volume contains the founding statutes of the Federation, as well as the minutes of its first congress establishing the "Ligue International de Hockey sur Glace" on the 15th of May 1908 in Paris, France.  CWL Telesport donated the document, which went out of the possession of the Federation in the 1970s, after recovering it with the help of Josef Brunner, former President of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, and Dr Maximilian Triet, Director of the Swiss Museum of Sport.  The historic papers cover the congresses of 1908-1926 and reflect the creation of the rules and regulations which still govern ice hockey today.
IIHF Hall of Fame
The IIHF created a Hall of Fame in Zurich, Switzerland in 1997 to honour players, officials and builders who have made valuable contributions to the game internationally. The IIHF and the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto signed a long term contract for the Hockey Hall of Fame to store and exhibit the origins of the game and artefacts from international ice hockey. The Exhition Centre in Toronto was rebuilt and enlarged with a new international zone called the Royal Canadian Mint World of Hockey which opened on Monday, 29th June 1998. The IIHF Hall of Fame Roll of Honour was placed in this exhibition.
IIHF Presidents Of Honour
Paul Loicq 1947
Dr Fritz Kraatz 1954
John F 'Bunny' Ahearne 1975
William Thayer Tutt 1986
Dr Günther Sabetzki 1994
IIHF Super Six
This was the top club competition in Europe from the 2004-05 season onwards. The inaugural IIHF Super Six was played 13th-16th January 2005 at the Ice Palace arena in St Petersburg, Russia. The 2003-04 national champions from the top ranked European countries according to the 2004 IIHF World Ranking participated - Czech Republic: HC Zlin, Finland: Karpat Oulu, Germany: Frankfurt Lions, Russia: Avangard Omsk, Slovakia: Dukla Trencin and Sweden: HV 71. The teams were divided into two groups and played a single round-robin. Each group winner then played in the gold medal game. A total of seven games played in four tournament days. St Petersburg was also to host the 2006 and the 2007 IIHF Super Six competitions.
IIHF Top 100 International Hockey Stories
The IIHF was 100 years old on the 10th October 2007.. To celebrate their 100th birthday, the IIHF compiled the 100 Top International Hockey Stories of the Century, which were published throughout their 101st year. Follow the link to read these stories - Top 100 International Hockey Stories of the Century.
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