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IF Björklöven
See Björklöven, IF
IF Karlskoga
Karlskoga, Sweden. Merged with IFK Bofors in 1963, see Bofors IK
IF Karlskoga/Bofors
Karlskoga, Sweden. Resulted from the merger of IF Karlskoga and IFK Bofors in 1963. Also see Bofors IK.
Home ice :
Team colours : Red and white
IFK Bofors
Karlskoga, Sweden. See Bofors IK
Home ice :
Team colours :  
IFK Helsinki
See Helsinki
IFK Lidingö
Stockholm, Sweden. Name changed in 1932 from Lidingö IF and subsequently to as Lidingö HC from the 1988-89 season.
IFK Luleå
See Luleå HF
IFK Stockholm [web site]
Stockholm, Sweden. Founded 1895. Stockholm played 7 seasons in the top Swedish division. In 1997-98 they played in division Four Stockholm.
Home ice : Vårbergs IP
Team colours : Red and white.
IFK/IKS Norrköping
Norrköping, Sweden. Founded 1897. Norrköping played two seasons in the top Swedish division. The team name changed in 1973 to HC Vita Hästen.
Home ice : Himmelstalundshallen
Team colours : red & white

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