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Hyland, Harry (1889-1969)
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Right-wing.
Club Career : Played for Montreal Wanderers.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1910.
Honours : Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1962.
Hynes, Gord (1966- )
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Defenceman.
International Career : Played for Team Canada 1988-92. Played for Canada in the 1992 Olympics.
Club Career : Played for Moncton Golden Flames 1986-87, Maine Mariners 1987-88, Team Canada 1988-89, Varese (Italy) & Team Canada 1989-90, Team Canada 1990-91, Team Canada & Boston Bruins 1991-92, Philadelphia Flyers & Hershey Bears 1992-93, Cincinnati Cyclones 1993-94, Detroit Vipers 1994-95, Schwenningen Wild Wings 1995-97 and Adler Mannheim 1997- .
Medals : Won Olympic silver in 1992.
Hynes, Warren (- )
Club Career : Played for Cincinnati Mohawks 1957-58.
Honours : Won the George H Wilkinson Trophy 1957-58.
Hythe Mustangs
Logo © Hythe Mustangs
Canada. Played in the North Peace Hockey League.
Home ice : 
Team colours : 
Hyväri, Pauli (- )
Club Career : Played for SaiPa.
Honours : Won the Raimo Kilpiö Trophy in 1962-63.
Hyvinkään jäähalli
Hyvinkää, Finland.
Home ice for : Ahmat Hyvinkää
Capacity : 2,000 (500 seats and 1,500 standing)
Ice pad size :

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