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Hradec Kralove (HC Lev Hradec Kralove) [web site]
Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. HC Lev Hradec Kralove played in the Czech Extraleague 1993-94. 
Home ice : 
Team colours :
All-time best players : Martin Hostak, Jiri Hrdina & Petr Prajsler.
Hrbacek, Rita (1944- )
Born in Vienna, Austria. She first appeared on the ice hockey scene in 1964 when she joined the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation as a secretary. In 1976, when the IIHF established its first office she became secretary to the IIHF General Secretary and remained in this position until 1983. She then returned to the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation and was named AIHF General Secretary in 1989. She retired from that position in October 2004 after 40 years of service to ice hockey. During her time with the AIHF, she helped organize the 1967, 1977, 1987 & 1996 World Championships. She was also involved in numerous other IIHF international tournaments, such as the World U20 and World U18 championships, as well as many international club team competitions. Her excellent skills in English and Czech languages besides her native German won her numerous friends in the international sports world. 
Honours : Won the Paul Loicq Award in 2005.
Hrdina, Jiri (1958- )
Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Centre.
International Career : Played for Czechoslovakia in the 1982, 1985, 1986 & 1987 World Championships, the 1984 & 1987 Canada Cups and the 1984 & 1988 Olympics.
Club Career : Played for HC Lev Hradec Kralove, Sparta Prague 1980-81, Dukla Trencin 1981-82, Sparta Prague 1985-87, Sparta Prague & Calgary Flames 1987-88, Calgary Flames 1988-90, Calgary Flames & Pittsburgh Penguins 1990-91 and Pittsburgh Penguins 1991-92.
Medals : Won Olympic silver in 1984 .
Won the World Championship in 1985.
Won the Stanley Cup in 1989, 1991 & 1992.
Hristov, Raiko (1983- )
Born in Bulgaria. Forward.
International Career : Played for Bulgaria (Junior) 2000-01. 
Club Career : Played for Etro 92 Tarnova.
Hristov, Rossen (1982- )
Born in Bulgaria. Forward.
International Career : Played for Bulgaria (Junior) 1998-02. 
Club Career : Played for Slavia Sofia.
Hrivnak, Jim (1968- )
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Netminder.
Club Career : Played for Baltimore Skipjacks & Washington Capitals 1989-93, Winnipeg Jets 1993, St Louis Blues 1993-94, Milwaukee Admirals & Kansas City Blades 1994-95, Carolina Monarchs & Las Vegas Thunder & Kansas City Blades 1995-96, Kolner Haie 1996-97 and Manchester Storm 1997-98.
Hrudey, Kelly (1961- )
Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Netminder. New York Islanders 2nd pick (38th overall) in the 1980 NHL Entry Draft. Analyst on "Hockey Night in Canada".
International Career : Played for Canada in the 1986 World Championship and was reserve goalie in the 1987 Canada Cup.
Club Career : Played for Medicine Hat Tigers 1978-80, Medicine Hat Tigers & Indianapolis Checkers 1980-81, Indianapolis Checkers 1981-83, New York Islanders & Indianapolis Checkers 1983-84, New York Islanders 1984-88, New York Islanders & Los Angeles Kings 1988-89, Los Angeles Kings 1989-96 (also Phoenix Roadrunners one game in 1995-96) and San Jose Sharks 1996- .
Medals : Won World Championship bronze in 1986.
Won Canada Cup gold in 1987.
Honours : Won the Tommy Ivan Trophy 1982-83.

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