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Glace Bay Miners
Logo ©
Played in the Eastern Professional Hockey League 1914-15. The Miners were leading the league when it folded in February 1915.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Chelsea, London, England. Opened in January 1876 but closed by the end of that year. Considered to be the world's first rink with artificially frozen ice. Designed by John Gamgee, it was situated behind the old Clock House in Kings Road, Chelsea. The ice surface was 40 feet x 24 feet. The rink was for use only by subscription for "noblemen and gentlemen under certain conditions".  The Illustrated London News of May 13,1876 had an illustration which showed men and women dressed in high fashion of the period skating to an orchestra situated in a balcony over one end of the rink. An article in the same journal described the process involved in creating the ice surface. The floor of the rink, working from the base up, consisted of six inches of concrete on which was laid four inches of loose dry earth. A six inch layer of cow hair was on top of the earth and on this was laid two inch thick timber planks covered with half an inch of tarred hair. A series of copper pipes were laid on the tarred hair. These pipes were immersed in the water which froze to form the skating surface. In a machine room, separate from the rink, a steam engine drove an air pump and kept sulphuric acid in constant circulation which condensed to a liquid under pressure of 1.5 atmospheres. It expanded in a vacuum which produced intense cold by the change from liquid to gas. It then passed into the refrigerator consisting of a copper casing about five feet square with a number of vertical tubes passing through it. This was submerged in a solution of glycerine in water, contained in a wooden tank placed about ten feet above the rink floor. The glycerine flowed by gravity through the pipes in the rink floor and was pumped back into the refrigerator. The rink and building cost £20,000 to build.
Glacier Dome
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. 
Home ice for : Arkansas Glacier Cats
Capacity : 7,175
Ice pad size : 
Glad, Preben (- )
International Career : General Manager for Denmark in the 1999 World Championship Pool B.
Gladsaxe SF
Logo ©
Söborg, Denmark. Founded 1959.
Home ice : Gladsaxe Sköjtehal
Team colours : Red, blue and white.
Honours : Won the Danish Championship 1967, 1968, 1971, 1974 and 1975.
Gladsaxe Sköjtehal
Söborg, Denmark.
Home ice for : Gladsaxe SF
Capacity : 3,900
Ice pad size :
Glasgow Bruins
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Played one season in the Scottish National League between 1946 and 1954.
Home ice : East Lane Arena
Team colours :
Royal blue and white
Glasgow Dynamos
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Name changed from Glasgow Mohawks in 1955. Name changed to Glasgow Summit Eagles in 1986.
Home ice : Crossmyloof Ice Rink, transferred to The Summit Centre during the 1985-86 season.
Team colours : white & red
Head coach : John Milne 1976-77.
Honours : Won the Icy Smith Cup in 1967.
Won the Spring Cup 1969-70.
Glasgow Eagles
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland.
Home ice : The Summit Centre
Team colours : red & white
Glasgow Summit Eagles Programme Cover - 17th September 1988
Glasgow Flyers
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Played in the 1963-64 BBC 'Grandstand TV Trophy'.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Glasgow Mohawks
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Founded in 1929. Name changed to Glasgow Dynamos in 1955.
Home ice : Crossmyloof Ice Rink
Team colours : red, white & blue
Honours : Won the Scottish National League in 1935-36 & 1936-37.
Won the President's Puck 1935-36 & 1936-37.
Glasgow Mustangs
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Played in the Scottish League 1935-38. In the first season the virtually all amateur league played all games at the Crossmyloof rink. Mustangs finished as runners-up in the five team set up in their first two seasons and ended fifth in the six team contest in their final season. The club also ran a team of the same name in the Scottish U18 Junior League.
Home ice : Crossmyloof Ice Rink
Team colours :  
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. A junior team in 1947-48 and 1950-51.
Home ice : Crossmyloof Ice Rink
Team colours :  
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. An amateur outfit that competed in the Durham based Northern Tournament 
in 1948-49 and 1950-51.
Home ice : Crossmyloof Ice Rink
Team colours :  
Glasgow Redwings
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Played in the Non-Import Scottish First Division in 1988-89. Play in the Scottish U21 League.
Home ice : The Summit Centre
Team colours : Blue and white.
Glasgow Saints
Logo ©
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Played in the Heineken Division One 1990-91.
Home ice : The Summit Centre
Team colours :  
Glasgow Summit Eagles
Logo © Glasgow Summit Eagles
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland.
Home ice : The Summit Centre
Team colours : red & white
Glasgow Summit Saints
See Glasgow Saints
Glass, Frank 'Pud' (- )
Club Career : Played for Montreal Wanderers 1905-10.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1906, 1907, 1908 & 1910.
Glavic, Gaber (1978- )
International Career : Played for Slovenia in the 1999 World Championship Pool B.
Glavin, Bill (- )
Club Career : Played for Sobell Saints 1975-76.
Glavota, Ivan (1976- )
International Career : Played for Croatia in the 1999 World Championship Pool C.
Glebe Lions IHC
Logo ©
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Full name was Glebe Winfield Lions. In 1981 the club merged with the Canterbury Bankstown IHC to form Canterbury United IHC.
Home ice : Canterbury Ice Rink
Team colours : 
black & gold
Honours : 
Glen Falls Civic Center
Glen Falls, New York, USA. 
Home ice for : Adirondack Red Wings (1996-99), Adirondack Icehawks (1999- )
Capacity : 4,806
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
Glendale Arena [web site]
Glendale, Arizona, USA. Opened on the 27th December 2003.
Home ice for : Phoenix Coyotes
Capacity :
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
Glennie, Brian (- )
International Career : Played for Canada in  the 1968 Olympics and the 1972 Summit Series.
Medals : Won Olympic bronze in 1968.
Glennie, Eduardo (1986- )
Born in Mexico. Forward.
International Career : Played for Mexico (Junior) 2003-04.
Club Career : Played for Sportica.
Medals : Won World Championship (Junior U18) Division III gold in 2003-04.
Honours : Won World Championship (Junior U18) Leading Points Scorer Award Division III in 2003-04.
Glennie, William John 'Bill' (1924-2005)

Born in Portage-la-Prairie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. One of two players to hit 1,000 points in British ice hockey during the period 1946-1960. He had an all time points tally of 1,044. The other player of that era to achieve 1,000 points was Chick Zamick. At one time he was manager of Powderhall Stadium in Edinburgh where the Edinburgh Monarchs speedway team raced.
Club Career : Played for Washington Lions 1945-46, Harringay Greyhounds and Harringay Racers.
Honours : Elected to the British Hall of Fame in 1951.
Glenrothes Cougars
Logo ©
Home ice :
Team colours :
Glenrothes Jets
Logo ©
Played in the Scottish League 1987-88.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Gliga, Marius (1966- )
International Career : Played for Romania in the 1999 World Championship Pool C.
Club Career : Played for Steua Bucarest.
Global Ice Hockey [web site]
An ambitious project started in 1998 by Swedes Patrick Houda and Birger Nordmark. The site will be profiling all countries that are members of the International Ice Hockey Federation. In addition to the comprehensive profiles of the countries there are interviews with hockey people from around the globe and useful links to official hockey sites in each country.
Global Spectrum
A subsidiary of Comcast-Spectacor, the Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment firm which owns the Wachovia Center, Wachovia Spectrum, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Phantoms, Flyers Skate Zone, Comcast SportsNet and the Bowie Baysox, the Delmarva Shorebirds & the Frederick Keys - all affiliates of the Baltimore Orioles.
Global Sports Vacations Inc. [web site]
Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. A company that organises Youth and Adult Hockey Tournaments (and golf holidays) at various places in North America.  The tournament and vacation package locations include Alexandria Bay in New York, Charleston in South Carolina, Daytona & Orlando in Florida, Las Vegas, Nashville in Tennessee, Orillia in Ontario and Virginia Beach.  Jim Notman is Global's tournament host and has over 19 years experience running hockey tournaments. In 1995, Old-timers' Hockey News voted him Man of the Year for his dedication to the community as well as being a great ambassador and tireless promoter of Old-timer's hockey.
Globen Arena (Globe Arena)
Stockholm, Sweden.
Home ice for : AIK
Capacity : 13,850
Ice pad size : 
Globen Cup
The trophy awarded to the winner of the Sweden Hockey Games.
Gloucester Rangers
Logo © Gloucester Rangers
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada. Played in the Central Junior A Hockey League (CJHL).
Home ice : Earl Armstrong Arena
Team colours :
black, purple & silver
General manager :
Keith Napier
Head coach :
Keith Napier
Glovatsky, Vadim (- )
International Career : Played for Kazakhstan in the 1998 Olympics.
Glover, Fred (1928- )
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Centre.
Club Career :
Played for Omaha Knights 1947-48, Indianapolis Capitals & Detroit Red Wings 1948-52, Chicago Blackhawks & St Louis Flyers & Cleveland Barons 1952-53 and Cleveland Barons 1953-68 (player/coach 1962-68). Coached Oakland Seals 1968-70, California Golden Seals 1970-71, California Golden Seals & Los Angeles Kings 1971-72 and California Golden Seals 1972-74.
Honours : Won the Les Cunningham Plaque in 1959-60, 1960-61 & 1963-64.
Glover, Jason (1972- )
Born in London, Ontario, Canada. Right-wing.
Club Career : Played for Flint Generals & Detroit Vipers (one game) & Michigan K-Wings (two games) 1997-98, Flint Generals & Indianapolis Ice (one game) 1998-99, New Mexico Scorpions 1999-00 and Manchester Storm 2000- .

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