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Seen on some hockey statistics - usually means face-off win percentage.
See French Ice Hockey Federation
Seen on some player statistics analysis charts - First Goals. The number of goals the player has scored that were the first in a game for his team.
Fjeld, Morten (1976- )
International Career : Played for Norway in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
See Gjøvik Olympiske Fjellhallen
FPS Forssa (Forssan Palloseura)
Forssa, Finland. Founded in 1931. FPS, which was known before as FoPS, have played two seasons in the top Finnish league SM-liiga (1975-76 and 1976-77). Mostly, FPS has played in the Finnish Division 1.
Home ice : Forssan jäähalli
Team Colours : Green and white
Honours :
Ftorek, Robbie (1952- )
Born in Needham, Massachusetts, USA. Played both Centre & left-wing.
International Career : Played for Team USA 1971-72. Played for the USA in the 1972 Olympics, the 1972 World Championships Pool B, the 1976 & 1981 Canada Cups
Club Career : Played for Team USA 1971-72, Detroit Red Wings & Virginia Wings 1972-74, Tulsa Oilers & Phoenix Roadrunners 1974-75, Phoenix Roadrunners 1975-77, Cincinatti Stingers 1977-79, Quebec Nordiques 1979-81, Quebec Nordiques & New York Rangers 1981-82, New York Rangers 1982-83, New York Rangers & Tulsa Oilers 1983-84, New York Rangers & New Haven Nighthawks 1984-85 and New Haven Nighthawks 1985-86 (one game).  Coached New Haven Nighthawks 1985-87, Los Angeles Kings 1987-89, Halifax Citadels 1989-90, Quebec Nordiques 1990-91 (assistant), New Jersey Devils 1991-92 (assistant), Utica Devils 1992-93, Albany River Rats 1993-96, New Jersey Devils 1996-98 (assistant), New Jersey Devils 1998-00, Boston Bruins 2000-03 (9th May 2001 - 19th March 2003) and Albany River Rats 2003- (17th February 2004- ).
Medals : Won Olympic silver in 1972.
Won World Championships Pool B silver in 1972.
Won the American Hockey League Northern Division 1994-95 (coach).
Won the Calder Cup in 1995 (coach).
Won the American Hockey League 1995-96 (coach).
Honours :
Elected to the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in 1991 (player).
Won the Gordie Howe Trophy 1976-77.
Won the Louis Pieri Memorial Award 1994-95 & 1995-96.
NHL World All-Stars Roster 1999 (assistant coach).
WHA All-Star A Team centre 1976-77 & 1978-79.
WHA All-Star B Team centre 1975-76 & 1977-78.
FV Paris
See Français Volants Paris
Seen on some hockey statistics - usually means Face-offs Won.

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