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Emblem, Dave (- )
International Career : Played for Australia.
Emerson, Lee (- )
Club Career : Played for Billingham Bombers 1995-96.
Emery Edge Trophy
The name given to the NHL Plus-Minus Award from 1983-88 when the trophy was presented by Emery Worldwide, now based in Redwood City, California, USA - a company that specialises in global air/sea transportation and logistics services to 229 countries around the world. The plus/minus award was first presented in the 1982-83 season.
Emile Bouchard Trophy

Awarded annually to the top defenceman in the Québec Major Junior Hockey League.
See Empire State Junior Hockey League
Emma, David (1969- )
International Career : Played for the USA in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
Emmonds, George (1944- )
International Career : Played for Great Britain in the 1971 World Championships Pool C.
Club Career : Played for Whitley Warriors.
Emms, Leighton 'Hap' (1905-1988)
Born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  Played both left-wing and defence.
Club Career :
Played for Montreal Maroons & Stratford Nationals 1926-28, Windsor Bulldogs 1928-30, New York Americans 1930-31, New York Americans & New Haven Eagles & Detroit Falcons 1931-32, Detroit Red Wings 1932-34, Boston Bruins & New York Americans 1934-35, New York Americans 1935-37, New York Americans & Pittsburgh Hornets 1937-38, Pittsburgh Hornets 1938-39, Omaha Knights 1939-42 and St Louis Flyers (two games) 1944-45. Coached Barrie Flyers.
Empire Division
Founded 1997. One of the divisions of the Western Conference of the American Hockey League. Teams in this division in 1997-98 were Adirondack Red Wings, Albany River Rats, Hamilton Bulldogs, Rochester Americans and Syracuse Crunch
Empire Pool (Empire Pool & Sports Arena)
Wembley All-Stars v USA Programme Cover Wembley All-Stars v Harringay All-Stars Programme Cover Victory Gala Programme Cover 1946
Wembley, Middlesex, England. Opened in 1934. Built by Sir Arthur Elvin and operated pre war as a dual purpose Swimming Pool and Ice Rink. It was requisitioned by the Government in Summer 1940 and used, first as a dispersal centre for troops lifted off the Dunkirk beaches, then as a home for refugees from Holland & Belgium and finally it housed evacuees from Gibraltar. Ice came back in December 1945. Its full name was the Empire Pool & Sports Arena but in 1976 it became known as Wembley Arena.
Home ice for :
Wembley Lions and Wembley Monarchs
Capacity : 10,000 seats
Ice pad size : 
Empire State Division
One of the divisions of the now defunct Northern Conference of the American Hockey League. The last season for the division was 1996-97.
Empire State Junior Hockey League
Referred to as EmJHL.
Empress Hall
Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens World and European Championship Programme Cover 1950
Venue for the World and European Ice Hockey Championships in 1950. See Earls Court Arena.
Emrick, Mike 'Doc' (- )
Born in LaFontaine, Indiana, USA. Play by play commentator for Philadelphia Flyers 1988-93 & New Jersey Devils 1993- . Play by play commentary for ABC's NHL coverage, OLNs coverage and the 1992, 1994 & 1998 Olympics.
Honours : Won the Lester Patrick Trophy in 2004.

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