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Eichberger, Thomas (1979- )
Born in Klagenfurt, Austria. Played both forward & defence. Wore the number 95.2 shirt at EHC Linz.
International Career : Played for Austria (Junior) in 1998-99.
Club Career :
Played for Klagenfurter AC 1998-00 and EHC Linz 2000- .
See English Ice Hockey Association.
Eimers, Chris (1972- )
International Career : Played for the Netherlands in the 1999 World Championship Pool C.
Club Career : Played for Humberside Hawks 1995-96.
Einheit Dresden
Dresden, Germany. Played in the DELV League.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Einhorn, Andy (1977- )
Club Career : Played for Basingstoke Bison 1995-97 and Guildford Flames 1997-98.
Medals : Won the British National League Play-off Championships in 1998.
Won the British National League 1997-98.
Won the Southern Premier League 1997-98.
Eisbahn Valascia
Ambri, Switzerland.
Home ice for : HC Ambri-Piotta
Capacity : 7,800
Ice pad size : 
Eisbären Berlin (EHC Eisbären Berlin)
Berlin, Germany. The Berlin Polarbears. Played in the Bundesliga 1991-94, best season : 11th in the league.  Played in the DEL since 1994. Won the league in 1997-98, runner-up in the German Championship 1998. Hosted final tournament of the Continental Cup in 1997. Played in the European Hockey League in 1998-99, finished third and will host the 1999 final tournament of the Continental Cup.
Home ice : Sportforum Berlin-Hohenschönhausen
Team colours : blue, white & red
Eishalle im Olympiapark
Munich, Germany.
Home ice for : Münchener EC
Capacity : 
Ice pad size : 
Eishalle Lido
Rapperswil, Switzerland.
Home ice for : SC Rapperswil-Jona
Capacity : 5,500
Ice pad size : 
Eishalle Obersee
Arosa, Switzerland.
Home ice for : EHC Arosa
Capacity : 7,500
Ice pad size :
Eishockey Almanach
The Almanach started with the 1985-86 edition and is the IIHF Yearbook. It reviews the year from an international viewpoint, covering ice hockey in all IIHF member nations, major leagues and competitions across the globe. It is published and edited by Horst Eckert.
Eishockey Magazin [web site]
Klagenfurt, Austria. The German and Austria ice hockey magazine that has news, stats, facts and stories from the IEL, EHL, DEL, Austrian National League, International Hockey and the NGL.
Eissporthalle Brehmstrasse (Eissporthalle an der Brehmstrasse)
Düsseldorf, Germany.
Home ice for : Düsseldorfer EG
Capacity : 10,283 (3,361 seats and 6,922 standing)
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 100 feet
Eissporthalle Jafféstraße
Berlin, Germany.
Home ice for : Berlin Capitals
Capacity : 6,412 places (3,603 seats, 2,796 standing and 13 for wheelchairs)
Ice pad size :
Eissporthalle Kassel (Eissporthalle am Auestadion)
Kassel, Germany.  
Home ice for : Kassel Huskies
Capacity : 6,100 (2,700 seats and 3,400 standing)
Ice pad size :
Eissporthalle Ratsweg (Eissporthalle am Ratsweg)
Frankfurt, Germany.
Home ice for : Frankfurt Lions
Capacity : 6,946 (3,214 seats and 3,732 standing)
Ice pad size :
Eissporthalle Seilersee (Eissporthalle am Seilersee)
Iserlohn, Germany.
Home ice for : Iserlohner Roosters
Capacity : 4,500
Ice pad size :
Eissporthalle Sterzing
Karl-Riedmann-Platz, Sterzing, South Tyrol, Italy. 
Home ice for : WSV Sterzing
Capacity : 2,800 seats
Ice pad size : 
Eissporthalle Westbahnhof (Eissporthalle am Westbahnhof)
Curtiusstrasse, Essen, Germany. 
Home ice for :  
Capacity : 5,500
Ice pad size : 
Eissportzentrum Bauchenberg (Eissportzentrum am Bauchenberg)
Schwenningen, Germany.
Home ice for : Schwenninger Wild Wings
Capacity : 5,200 (875 seats and 4,325 standing)
Ice pad size : 
Eisstadion Allmend
Bern, Switzerland. Built in 1967.
Home ice for : SC Bern
Capacity : 16,764 seats
Ice pad size : 
Eisstadion Berliner Platz (Eisstadion am Berliner Platz)
Kaufbeuren, Germany. 
Home ice for : Kaufbeurer Eagles
Capacity : 4,560 (1,000 seats and 3,560 standing)
Ice pad size :
Eisstadion Davos
Davos, Switzerland.
Home ice for : HC Davos
Capacity : 8,000
Ice pad size :  
Eisstadion Friedsrichspark (Eisstadion im Friedsrichspark)
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  
Home ice for : Mannheim Eagles
Capacity : 8,200 (2,000 seats and 6,200 standing)
Ice pad size : 
Eisstadion Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.  This is the former olympic arena where Great Britain won the Olympic, World Championship and European Championship titles in 1936.
Home ice for : SC Riessersee
Capacity : 7,000 (3,400 seats & 3,600 standing)
Ice pad size :
Eisstadion Lentstraße (Eisstadion an der Lentstrasse)
Cologne, Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Home ice for : Kölner Haie (until 1988)
Capacity : 7,200 (1,870 seats and 5,334 standing)
Ice pad size : 
Eisstadion Nürnberg
Nuremberg, Germany. Known as the Lindestadion.
Home ice for : Nuremburg Ice Tigers
Capacity : 4,200 (850 seats and 3,350 standing)
Ice pad size :
Eisstadion Pferdeturm (Eisstadion am Pferdeturm)
Hannover, Germany.
Home ice for : Hannover EC
Capacity : 5,200 (1,400 seats and 3,800 standing)
Ice pad size : 
Eisstadion Weißwasser
Weißwasser, Germany.
Home ice for : Saxonian Foxes
Capacity : 3,000 (69 seats and 2,931 standing)
Ice pad size :

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