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Ed Chynoweth Trophy

Presented to the Memorial Cup leading scorer. 
Ed Lumley Arena
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Part of the Cornwall Civic Complex.
Home ice for : Cornwall Aces
Capacity :
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy
Presented to the Leading Scorer in the Ontario Hockey Association Junior A League.
Eddie Shore Plaque
winners.gif (1349 bytes)
First presented in 1959. Awarded annually to the Defenceman of the Year in the American Hockey League.
Eddolls, Frank (1921-1961)
Born in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. Defenceman.
Club Career :  Played for Montreal Canadiens 1944-45, Montreal Canadiens & Buffalo Bisons 1945-47, New York Rangers 1947-51, New York Rangers & Saskatoon Quakers & Cincinnati Mohawks 1951-52 and Buffalo Bisons 1952-54. Coached Buffalo Bisons 1952-54. 
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1946.
Honours : NHL All-Star Roster 1951.
Edery, Danny (1973- )
Club Career :  Played for Richmond Flyers 1988-89 and Lee Valley Lions & Chelmsford Chieftains 1995-96.
Edgar, David (1974- )
Club Career :  Played for Dumfries Vikings 1994-95 and Dumfries Border Vikings 1995-96.
Medals : Won the Autumn Trophy 1995-96.
Edinburgh Capitals [web site]
Logo © Edinburgh Capitals
Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland. Founded in 1998. Played in the British National Ice Hockey League 1998-04 and the Scottish National League 2001-  and the Elite Ice Hockey League 2005- . 
Home ice : Murrayfield Ice Rink
Team colours :  
Head coach : Jock Hay, Tony Hand 2005- , Doug Christiansen 
Honours : Won the Scottish National League in 2001-02 & 2002-03.
Edinburgh Capitals Programme Cover
Edinburgh Racers
Logo ©
Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland. Founded in 1952 as Murrayfield Royals, name changed to Edinburgh Royals in 1958, name changed to Murrayfield Racers in 1966, name changed to Edinburgh Racers in 1994 and back to Murrayfield Royals in 1995. Played in the British League Premier Division 1994-95.
Home ice : Murrayfield Ice Rink
Team colours : white, red & blue
Edinburgh Royals
Logo ©
Played two seasons in the Scottish National League between 1946 and 1954.
Home ice : Murrayfield Ice Rink.
Team colours : white, red & blue.
Logo ©
Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland. Founded in 1952 as Murrayfield Royals, name changed to Edinburgh Royals in 1958, name changed to Murrayfield Racers in 1966, name changed to Edinburgh Racers in 1994 and back to Murrayfield Royals in 1995. Played in the 1965-66 BBC 'Grandstand TV Trophy'.
Home ice : Murrayfield Ice Rink
Team colours : White, red & blue.
Edinburgh Trophy
A Western Hockey League/Quebec Hockey League Challenge Series that was contested 1953-56.
Edlund, Stefan (- )
Club Career : Played for Chelmsford Chieftains 1995-96.
Edmiston, Dean (1969- )
Born in Scotland. During his career he played in goal, on defence and as a forward.
International Career : Played for Great Britain 1991-92.
Club Career : Played for Fife Flyers 1984-89, Medway Bears 1989-90, Medway Bears & Peterborough Pirates 1990-91, Medway Bears 1991-92, Fife Flyers 1992-93, Murrayfield Racers 1993-95, Telford Tigers & Newcastle Warriors 1995-96, Paisley Pirates 1996-98 and Edinburgh Capitals 1998-99. 
Medals : Won the English League 1991-92.
Won the English League Play-offs in 1992.
Won World Championship Pool C gold in 1992.
Edmonton Coliseum
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Built 1974. (Also known as the Northlands Coliseum, Skyreach Centre & Rexall Place)
Home ice for : Edmonton Oilers since the season 1974-75.
Capacity : 17,503
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet 
Edmonton Eskimos
Logo ©
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Played in the Western Canada Hockey League 1922-25 and the Western Hockey League 1925-26.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Edmonton Flyers
Logo © Edmonto Flyers
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Played in the Alberta Senior Hockey League 1939-44, Western Canada Senior Hockey League 1945-50, Western Canada Major Hockey League 1950-51, Pacific Coast Hockey League 1951-52 and the Western Hockey League 1952-63.
Home ice :
Team colours : 
Head coach :
Frank Currie 1946-52, Frank Currie & Bud Poile 1952-53 , Bud Poile 53-62
Team captain :
Honours : Won the Western Canada Senior Hockey League 1946-47.
Won the Western Hockey League (Play-off Champions) 1952-53, 1954-55 & 1961-62.
Won the Allan Cup in 1948.
Edmonton Gardens
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Owned by Bill Hunter who was granted the World Hockey Association franchise for Alberta on November 1, 1971.
Home ice for : Edmonton Oil Kings (in the 1960s), Alberta Oilers (1972-73), Edmonton Oilers (1973-74)
Capacity : 5,200
Edmonton Ice
Logo © Edmonton Ice
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Played in the Western Hockey League.
Home ice : Northlands Park
Team colours : 
Edmonton Junior Hockey League
Referred to as the EJrHL.
Edmonton Maple Leafs
Logo ©
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Affiliated to the Edmonton Oil Kings.
Home ice :  
Team colours : 
Edmonton Mercurys
Logo ©
The Senior "A" team that represented Canada in the 1950 World Championships (scoring 88 goals for with just five against in the seven games) and the 1952 Olympics. At that time they were classified in Canada as Intermediate, coming to Europe as the Western Canada Intermediate Champions. They were called the Mercurys because they were sponsored by a car dealer in Edmonton and his best selling vehicle was the Ford Mercury.
Home ice : 

Team colours : 
Honours :
Won Olympic gold in 1952.
Won World Championship gold in 1950.
Won the Ahearne Cup in 1952.
Edmonton Monarchs
Logo ©
Played in the Alberta Senior Hockey League (ASHL) 1968-69 and the Western Canada Senior Hockey League (WCSHL) 1971-72. 
Home ice : Edmonton Gardens
Team colours : 
All-time best players : 
Notable players include centre Gene Achtymichuk (played 33 games in the NHL with Montreal Canadiens & Detroit Red Wings in a senior career that lasted from at least 1951 to 1972) and winger Bob Solinger (played 99 NHL games with Toronto Maple Leafs & 1 with Detroit Red Wings).  The 1968-69 roster included Gene Achtymichuk, Bryan Bennett, Jack Braun, Dale Conrad, Lou Halat, Art Hart, Rich Healey, Jim Knox ( in goal), Albert LaPlante, Darryl LeBlanc, Bill McLeod, Bob Solinger, Ron Tookey, John Utendale, Jerry Walker and Gary Young. The 1971-72 Edmonton Monarch roster was the first Edmonton senior team in 20 years to represent Alberta on their journey to the Allan Cup. The Monarchs lost to the eventual Cup winners, Spokane Jets (Washington) 4-0 in the series. Not only did this end the Edmonton Monarchs season but they were the last senior club to represent the province. In the years that followed, Intermediate clubs would challenge for the Allan Cup. Members from the 1971-72 team include : Gene Achtymichuk (player-coach), Ivan Andrews, Mike Ballash, Ross Barros, Bryan Bennett, Dale Conrad, Grant Evans, Terry Ewasiuk, Mel Gushatey, Lou Halat, Len Haley, Art Hart, Milt Hohol, Bob Johnson, Jim Knox, Ray McLeod, Oliver Morris, Dave Rochefort, Ray Sawka, Art Scott, Jim Seutter and Ron Tookey. John Gattens was the Manager and Roger Gelinas was Assistant Coach.
Edmonton Oil Kings
Logo © Edmonton Oil Kings
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Junior "A" franchise in the Western Hockey League. Owned by Bill Hunter who was granted the World Hockey Association franchise for Alberta on November 1, 1971.  The Oil Kings were a Junior hockey powerhouse in the 1960's, winning two Memorial Cups and finishing in runner-up spot seven times - 1954, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965 & 1971.
Home ice : Edmonton Gardens
Team colours :
All-time best players :
Tom Bladon, Wayne Babych, Dave Babych, Norm Ullman, Eddy Joyal & Johnny Bucyk
Honours : Won the Memorial Cup in 1963 & 1966.
Edmonton Oilers [web site]
Logo © Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The team was originally founded as the Alberta Oilers in 1971 but were re-named after the 1972-73 season as the Edmonton Oilers. The franchise was one of just four to complete all seven seasons in World Hockey Association. They joined the National Hockey League after the 1978-79 season.
Home ice : Edmonton Gardens (1973-74), Edmonton Coliseum/Northlands Coliseum/Skyreach Centre/Rexall Place (1974- )
Team colours : royal blue, orange & white (1971-79), midnight blue, copper, red & white
Affiliations have included : Beauce Jaros 1976-77, Cape Breton Oilers 1988-96, Columbus Cottonmouths 2001-04, Edmonton Roadrunners 2004-05, Greenville Grrrowl 2004-06, Hamilton Bulldogs 1996-03 & 2005-06, Hampton Gulls 1977-78, Houston Apollos 1979-80, Iowa Stars 2005-06, Kansas City Blades 1990-91, Milwaukee Admirals 1980-84 & 1987-88, Moncton Alpines 1982-84, Muskegon Lumberjacks 1985-87, New Orleans Brass 1998-99, Nova Scotia Oilers 1984-88, Odessa Jackalopes 2002-06, Phoenix Roadrunners 1989-90, Spokane Flyers 1975-77, Springfield Falcons 2007-08, Stockton Thunder 2006-08, Tallahassee Tiger Sharks 1999-01, Toronto Roadrunners 2003-04, Wheeling Nailers 1996-98, Wheeling Thunderbirds 1994-96, Wichita Wind 1980-82
General manager : Bill Hunter 1973-76, Armand Guidolin 1976-77, Brian Conacher 1977-78, Larry Gordon 1978-80, Glen Sather 1980-00, Kevin Lowe 2000-
Head coach : Brian Shaw 1973-76, Armand Guidolin 1976-77, Glen Sather 1977-80, Bryan Watson & Glen Sather 1980-81, Glen Sather 1981-89, John Muckler 1989-91, Ted Green 1991-93, Ted Green & Glen Sather 1993-94, George Burnett & Ron Low 1994-95, Ron Low 1995-99, Kevin Lowe 1999-00, Craig MacTavish 2000-
Team captain : Ron Chipperfield 1979-80, Blair MacDonald & Lee Fogolin 1980-81, Lee Fogolin 1981-83, Wayne Gretzky 1983-88, Mark Messier 1988-91, Kevin Lowe 1991-92, Craig MacTavish 1992-94, Shayne Corson 1994-95, Kelly Buchberger 1995-99, Doug Weight 1999-01, Jason Smith 2001-07, Ethan Moreau 2007- 
Honours : Won the Clarence S Campbell Trophy in 1982-83, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1989-90 & 2005-06.
Won the Stanley Cup in 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988 & 1990.
Won the Presidents' Trophy in 1985-86 & 1986-87.
Retired jersey numbers : 3 7 11 17 31 99  
Edmonton Oilers programme Cover 2003
Edmonton Road Runners [web site]
Logo © Edmonton Road Runners
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Formerly the Toronto Roadrunners. Played in the American Hockey League 2004-05. Suspended operations for the 2005-06 season.
Home ice : Rexall Place
Team colours : red, blue & grey
Affiliations have included : Edmonton Oilers
General manager : Scott Howson 2004-05
Head coach : Geoff Ward 2004-05 
Edmonton Senior Hockey League
Referred to as the EsrHL.
Edmonton Superiors
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Owned by Meat-Packing company owner Cliff Gainer and also known as the Edmonton Gainers Superiors. Took part in a three-month European Tour 1932-33 - played 38 games, won 34, tied 1 and lost 3. Played in the ESrHL 1925-1928 & 1929-36 and the ASHL 1936-39.
Home ice :
Team colours : 
Team captain : John 'Red' Beattie 1930-31
Honours : Won the Herald-Journal Cup in 1931, 1933 & 1935 (provincial senior champs).
Edstrand, Ann-Louise (- )
International Career : Played for Sweden (Women) in the 1998 Olympics.
Edvinsson, Jan-Åke (- ) 
General Secretary of the International Ice Hockey Federation.
Edward Jeremiah Award

Awarded annually to the top coach in the NCAA College Division. Named in honour Edward Jeremiah, the Dartmouth College coach who, in addition to winning 308 college games, wrote an instructional text considered as the hockey bible.
Edwards, Don (1955- )
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Netminder.
International Career : Played for Canada in the 1981 Canada Cup.
Club Career : Played for Kitchener Rangers 1973-75, Hershey Bears 1975-77, Buffalo Sabres 1976-82, Calgary Flames 1982-85, Toronto Maple Leafs 1985-86.  
Honours : Won the Vezina Trophy in 1980 (Bob Sauve).
NHL All-Star Second Team 1977-78 and 1979-80.
AHL All-Star Second Team 1975-76.
OHA All-Star First Team 1973-74 and 1974-75.
Edwards, Gary (1947- )
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Netminder. St Louis Blues 1st pick (6th overall) in the 1968 NHL Amateur Draft (he was St Louis Blues first ever draft pick).
Club Career : Played for Toronto Marlboros 1965-68, St Louis Blues (one game) & Kansas City Blues 1968-69, St Louis Blues (one game) & Kansas City Blues & San Diego Gulls 1969-70, San Diego Gulls & Kansas City Blues 1970-71, Los Angeles Kings 1971-76, Los Angeles Kings & Cleveland Barons 1976-77, Cleveland Barons 1977-78, Minnesota North Stars 1978-80, Minnesota North Stars & Edmonton Oilers 1980-81 and St Louis Blues & Pittsburgh Penguins 1981-82.
Edwards, Richard (- )
President of the South African Ice Hockey Association 1998- .
Edwards, Steven (- )
Club Career : Played for Solihull Barons 1975-76,
Honours : Southern League (South) All-Star left-wing 1975-76 (tied with Vic O'Hagan).

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