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See Eastern College Athletic Conference
See Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association
Ecclestone, Timothy James 'Tim' (1947- )
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Forward. New York Rangers 2nd pick (9th overall) in the 1964 NHL Amateur Draft.
Club Career : Played for Kitchener Rangers 1966-67, Kansas City Blues & St Louis Blues 1967-68, St Louis Blues 1968-70, St Louis Blues & Detroit Red Wings 1970-71, Detroit Red Wings 1971-73, Detroit Red Wings & Toronto Maple Leafs 1973-74, Toronto Maple Leafs & Atlanta Flames 1974-75, Atlanta Flames 1975-77 and Atlanta Flames & Tulsa Oilers 1977-78.
Honours : Ontario Hockey Association Junior A League All-Star Second Team 1966-67.
NHL All-Star Roster 1971. 
Ecclestone Trophy
Presented to the Leading Scorer in the Ontario Hockey Association Senior A League.
See Eastern Canada Hockey Association
See Eastern Collegiate Hockey Association
ECHL (former East Coast Hockey League)
The East Coast Hockey League was originally based on teams in the Eastern United States. When the West Coast Hockey League folded after the 2002-03 season, former WCHL teams applied to join the East Coast Hockey League. To reflect the new nationwide nature of the expanded East Coast Hockey League the league became simply the ECHL. For further information and links to ECHL Winners & League/Team pages - see East Coast Hockey League
See Eastern Canada Professional Hockey League
"Echoes in the Rink : The Willie O'Ree Story"
A short documentary film made in 1998. Willie O'Ree had a career that covered three decades.
Eckert, Horst (- )
Publisher and editor of the Eishockey Almanach.
See Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League
Ector County Coliseum
Odessa, Texas, USA. 
Home ice for : Odessa Jackalopes
Capacity : 5,316
Ice pad size :

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