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Dye, Cecil 'Babe' (1898-1962)
Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Right-wing.
Club Career : Played for Toronto St Patricks 1919-26 (loaned to Hamilton Tigers for one game in 1920), Chicago Blackhawks 1926-28, New York Americans 1928-29, New Haven Eagles 1929-30 and Toronto Maple Leafs 1930-31. Coached St Louis Flyers 1930-31 and Chicago Shamrocks 1931-32.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1922. 
Honours :
Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1970.
NHL Leading Scorer 1923 & 1925  (See Art Ross Trophy).
Dykhuis, Karl (1972- )
Born in Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada. Defenceman.
International Career : Played for Canada (Junior) in 1990-91 and 1991-92. Played for Team Canada in 1990-91 and the 1992 Olympics (silver medal).
Club Career : Played for Chicago Blackhawks & Indianapolis Ice 1992-93, Indianapolis Ice 1993-95, Philadelphia Flyers 1995-97 (also one game for Hershey Bears) and Tampa Bay Lightning 1997- .
"Dynamite on Ice : The Bobby Orr Story"
A book by Hal Bock, published in 1972 by Scholastic Book Services, New York, USA.
Dynamo Moscow (HC Dynamo Moscow)
Logo  Dynamo Moscow
Moscow, Russia. Founded 1946. The team was originally sponsored by the KGB. Played in the Russian Superleague 1996- . Played in the European Hockey League in 1996-97, 1997-98 and 1998-99.
Home ice : Luzhniki Sports Palace & Luzhniki Small Sports Arena since mid January 2001
Team colours : blue & white
Head coach : Arkadi Chernyshov 1946-74, Vladimir Yurzinov 1974-79, Vitaly Davydov 1979-81, Vladimir Kiselev 1981-84, Yuri Moiseev 1984-89, Vladimir Yurzinov 1989-92, Petr Vorobiev 1992-93, Igor Tuzik & Vladimir Golubovich 1993-1994, Vladimir Golubovich 1994-1996, Vladimir Golubovich & Yuri Ochnev 1996-97, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov 1997-99, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov & Vladimir Semenov 2000-01, Vladimir Semenov 2001- 
All-time best players : Arkadi Chernyshov, Yu. Krylov, A. Uvarov, V. Kuzin, S. Petukhov, Vitaly Davydov, Alexander Maltsev, Valerie Vasiliev, Vladimir Yurzinov, A. Golikov, V. Golikov, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, V. Pervukhin, V. Myshkin, A. Semyonov, S. Svetlov, S. Yashin, Yu. Leonov, Sergey Petrenko, A. Karpovtsev, M. Shtalenkov, A. Kovalev, A. Yashin, A. Nikolishin, A. Zhamnov, A. Prokopyev, Mikhail Ivanov, Maxim Afinogenov.
Honours : Won the Russian Championship in 1947, 1954, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995 & 2000.
Won the Russian Superleague in 1999-00.
Won the USSR Cup in 1953, 1972 & 1976.
Won the MHL Cup in 1993, 1995 & 1996.
Won the Ahearne Cup in 1975 & 1976.
Won the Spengler Cup in 1983-84.
Retired jersey numbers : 17  
Dynamo Moscow 1998-99
Dynamo Praha
Prague, Czechoslovakia. Played in the Czech 1.liga.
Home ice :
Team colours :  
Dynamo-Energia Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg, Russia. A town in central Russia, in the eastern foothills of the Urals. Energia = The Power. Acts as a farm team for Dynamo Moscow. Play in the Russian Superleague.
Home ice : Profsoyuznyi Sport Palace
Team colours : blue, green & white
Honours : 

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