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Czachowski, Ludwik (1944- ) 
International Career : Played for Poland in the 1972 Olympics.
Club Career : Played for Pormorzanin, Torun.
Czáka, Zoltan (- )
Born in Romania. Defenceman.
International Career : Played for Romania in the 1964 Olympics.
Czech Championship
The Czech Championship started in 1993. The Championship play-offs are contested by the teams finishing in the top eight places in the Czech Extraleague. The first round series (best of five games) is seeded with the 1st placed team playing the 8th placed team, the 2nd placed team playing the 7th placed team, etc. The Semi-Finals are also best of five games with the winners contesting the Final (best of five games) and the losers contesting the 3rd/4th places in a three game series.
Czech Extraleague (Czech Extraliga)
The Czech Extraleague started in 1993-94. Fourteen teams play a 52 game schedule. The top eight teams play in the Czech Championship, the bottom two teams in the Extraleague play the top two teams of the Czech Republic Division 1 in the best of seven games Extraleague Qualification series - with the winners playing in the Extraleague the following season.
i. Winners :  
1993-94 HC Olomouc
1994-95 HC Vsetín
1995-96 HC Sparta Prague
1996-97 HC Vsetín
1997-98 HC Vsetín
1998-99 HC Vsetin
Czech Ice Hockey Association
Prague, Czech Republic. Governing body for ice hockey in the Czech Republic. Oversee the Czech Extraleague.
Czech Republic Championship
See Czech Championship
Czech Republic - Men's National Team
See Czech Republic
Czechoslovakia - Men's National Team
See Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia Goaltender of the Year Award
Czechoslovakia Player of the Year Award
Czechoslovakian Championship
Contested between 1931 and 1992.
Czerkawski, Mariusz (1972- )
Born in Radomsko, Poland. Right-wing.
International Career : Played for Poland in the 1992 Olympics and the 1998 World Championships
Club Career : Played for Djurgĺrdens IF 1991-92, Hammarby Hockey 1992-93, Djurgĺrdens IF & Boston Bruins 1993-94, Espoo Blues & Boston Bruins 1994-95, Boston Bruins & Edmonton Oilers 1995-96, Edmonton Oilers 1996-97 and New York Islanders 1997- .
Honours : NHL World All-Stars Roster 2000.

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