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Cyr, Denis (1961- )
Born in Verdum, Quebec, Canada. Right-wing. Calgary Flames 1st pick (13th overall) in the 1980 NHL Entry Draft (he was Calgary Flames first ever draft pick).
International Career :
Played for Canada (Junior) in 1980-81.
Club Career : Played for Calgary Flames 1980-81, Calgary Flames & Oklahoma City Stars 1981-82, Calgary Flames & Chicago Blackhawks 1982-83, Chicago Blackhawks & Springfield Indians 1983-84, St Louis Blues & Peoria Rivermen 1984-86 and Peoria Rivermen 1986-87.
Cyr, Paul (1963- )
Born in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. Left-wing. Buffalo Sabres 2nd pick (9th overall) in the 1982 NHL Entry Draft. Missed the entire 1989-90 season through injury.
International Career :
Played for Canada (Junior) in 1981-82 and 1982-83.
Club Career : Played for Buffalo Sabres 1982-87, Buffalo Sabres & New York Rangers 1987-88, New York Rangers 1988-89, Hartford Whalers 1990-91, Hartford Whalers & Springfield Indians 1991-92 and Springfield Indians 1992-93.
Medals : Won World Championship (Junior) gold in 1982.
Won World Championship ( Junior) bronze in 1983.
Cyrenne, Cory (1977- )
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Centre. San Jose Sharks 7th pick (191st overall) in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft.
Club Career : Played for Louisiana Ice Gators & Manitoba Moose 1998-99, Manitoba Moose & Flint Generals 1999-00, Manitoba Moose 2000-01 and Louisiana Ice Gators 2001- .
Medals : Won the Colonial Cup in 2000.
Won the Tarry Cup in 1999-00.

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