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The C on a player's jersey stands for Captain. Because ice hockey teams play in shifts of players, the Captain isn't always on the ice - so there are also two Assistant Captains or Alternate Captains on each team (signified by an A on their jersey) so that, hopefully, there is always a Captain on the ice. The Captain (or the A) is the only player allowed to query decisions with the Officials. Some coaches pick the Captain & his Assistants/Alternates, at other clubs the team may pick the players to fill these roles and in one case, the Minnesota Wild (in their first NHL season) rotated the roles through the squad of players on a predetermined basis.
CBC Sports [web site]
CBC Sports provides comprehensive news and information in the world of sports, especially hockey. CBC has complete hockey highlights and covers, with full audio and video reports, such events as Wayne Gretzky's historic induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
See Cape Breton Major Hockey League
See Cape Breton Senior Hockey League
See Canadian Colleges Athletic Union
CCCP : A Tribute to the Soviet Hockey Team [web site]
Information on the Soviet hockey team from the beginning of the 1940s until the breakup of the USSR in the early 1990s. Features photos, history, biographies and discussion forum.
See Central Collegiate Hockey Association
See Calgary City Junior Hockey League
CCM (Canadian Cycle and Motor Company Limited) [web site]
Founded in 1899 by a group of companies including Lozier, Welland Vale, Gendron, Goold and Massey-Harris. The company was created to compete with The American Bicycle Company - which had set up a bicycle manufacturing plant in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1905 the company began to manufacture winter sports equipment producing CCM Automobile Skates. In the 1930's CCM produced 'Matched Sets' of blades and boots based on the principle of the modern skate. In the mid 1930s, CCM employed King Clancy to promote their skates - the first hockey player to act as a consultant in the design, testing, and marketing of their equipment. In 1937 the company acquired the Tackaberry trade name - an established brand of skate already a favourite with professional players. CCM had also become a hockey stick distributor and purchased the Joseph Choquette Company in 1940 to become the leading manufacturer of sticks as well as skates.
CCM Automobile Skates
The first hockey skate produced by CCM. They were made with steel blades, toughened core and aluminum tops. The blades are attached with straps to ordinary shoes or boots.
See City of Chicago Professional Hockey League
See Calgary City Senior Hockey League
See Central Canada Senior Hockey League
See Central Junior A Hockey League
See Cobalt Mines Hockey League
See Canadian Major Junior Hockey League
See Calgary National Defense Hockey League
CPA (Cercle des Patineurs Anversoises)
Logo © Cercle des Patineurs Anversoises/thanks to Jan Casteels
Antwerp, Belgium. Founded 1913.
Home ice : Sportpalais Merksem
Team colours : blue and white with a V on the chest.
Honours : Won the Belgian Championship in 1929, 1934, 1935 & 1936.
CPB (Club des Patineurs de Bruxelles)
Logo © Club des Patineurs de Bruxelles/thanks to Jan Casteels
Brussels, Belgium. Founded 1912.
Home ice :  
Team colours :  
Honours : Won the Belgian Championship in 1914, 1920 & 1921.
See California Professional Hockey League
See Canadian Professional Hockey League
See Central Professional Hockey League
CPL (Cercle des Patineurs Liègois)
Logo © Cercle des Patineurs Liegois/thanks to Jan Casteels
Liège, Belgium. Founded 1939.
Home ice : 
Team colours :
Honours : Won the Belgian Championship in 1949, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1972, 1973 & 1974.
CPP (Club de Patineurs de Paris)
Logo ©
Paris, France. A small club when hockey was in its infancy in France. Prior to the First World War this was the only club in Paris and its top players were George Robert, Maurice de Walle, Alfred De Rauch and Pierre Charpentier. Won the first seven championships to be held in France.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Honours : Won the French Championship in 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1912 & 1914.
CWL Telesport plc
Established by César W Lüthi in 1988 - the original company CWL Advertising was set up by Lüthi in 1973. Commercial partner of the IIHF for the operation of the European Hockey League.
See Canadian Western University Athletic Association

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