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Atanasov, Atanas (1984- )
Born in Bulgaria. Forward.
International Career : Played for Bulgaria (Junior) 2000-04. 
Club Career : Played for Slavia Sofia and Iceberg Sofia.
Athletic Knit Hockey Jerseys [web site]
Founded 1962. Athletic Knit, now Damage Sports Inc, supply ice hockey jerseys to players and clubs around the globe - from blank NHL jerseys to practice jerseys.
ATK Praha (Armádni Telocvicný Klub Praha)
Logo ©
Prague, Czechoslovakia. Founded in October 1948. From 1953 the club was known as UDA Praha (Ústredni Dum Armády) and from 1956 it was known as Dukla Praha.
Home ice : Stvanice
Team colours :
Honours : Czechoslovakian League Champions in 1949-50.
Atlanta Flames
Logo © Atlanta Flames
Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Joined the National Hockey League in 1972-73. Franchise was transferred to Calgary Flames after the 1979-80 season.
Home ice : The Omni
Team colours : red, white & gold
Affiliations have included : Birmingham Bulls 1979-80, Des Moines Capitols 1973-75, Greensboro Generals 1976-77, Muskegon Mohawks 1977-80, Nova Scotia Voyageurs 1975-76, Omaha Knights 1973-75, Tulsa Oilers 1975-79
General manager : Cliff Fletcher 1972-80
Head coach : Bernie Geoffrion 1972-74, Bernie Geoffrion & Fred Creighton 1974-75, Fred Creighton 1975-79, Al MacNeil 1979-80
Team captain : Keith McCreary 1972-75, Pat Quinn 1975-77, Tom Lysiak 1977-79, Jean Pronovost 1979-80 
Atlanta Knights
Logo ©
Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Played in the International Hockey League in 1992-96.  Franchise transferred to Quebec Rafales in 1996.
Home ice : Omni Coliseum
Team colours : 
Affiliations have included : Tampa Bay Lightning 1992-96
Honours : Won the IHL Championship in 1994.
Atlanta Thrashers [web site]
Logo © Atlanta Thrashers
Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Joined the National Hockey League in 1999-00 and were placed in the Southeast Division.
Home ice : Philips Arena
Team colours : navy, blue, copper, bronze & gold
Affiliations have included : Chicago Wolves 2001-08, Greenville Grrrowl 1999-04, Gwinnett Gladiators 2004-08, Orlando Solar Bears 1999-01
General manager : Don Waddell 1999- 
Head coach : Curt Fraser 1999-02, Curt Fraser & Don Waddell & Bob Hartley 2002-03, Bob Hartley 2003-06, Bob Hartley & Don Waddell 2007-   
Team captain : Kelly Buchberger 1999-00, Steve Staios 2000-01, Ray Ferraro 2001-02, no captain 2002-03, Shawn McEachern 2003-04, Scott Mellanby 2005-07, Bobby Holik 2007-  
Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies [web site]
Logo © Atlantic City Broadwalk Bullies
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. Founded in 2001 as the Bullies replaced the Birmingham Bulls version of the ECHL franchise. Played in the East Coast Hockey League 2001-05. Franchise transferred to Stockton Thunder
Home ice : Boardwalk Hall
Team colours : 
blue & white
Affiliations have included :
New York Islanders, Bridgeport Sound Tigers
General manager :
Matt Loughran 2001- , Dan Belisle
Head coach : 
Mike Haviland 2001-04, Matt Thomas 2004-05
Honours : Won the Kelly Cup in 2003.
Atlantic City Seagulls
Logo ©
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. Played in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League 1933-42, 1947-48 & 1949-52. 
Home ice :  
Team colours : 
Atlantic Coast Hockey League (1981-87)

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. Operated for six seasons - 1981-87. A minor pro league. Referred to as the ACHL. The ACHL Playoff Champions were awarded the Bob Payne Trophy
President : 
William B Coffey
Commissioner :
Ray Miron

The league started with seven teams, two teams folded within the first three months and another team went before the end of the first season. Mohawk Valley Stars were the only original team to compete in the six team league in 1982-83 but two teams folded before the end of the season. The third season started with six teams but finished with five. The final three seasons saw five teams start and finish each season although some participants changed names/locations. Two long term ACHL franchises, Carolina and Virginia, moved to the new but short lived All-American Hockey League and went on to become founder members of the East Coast Hockey League. In the list below, regular season league winners are marked with *.
1981-82 : Baltimore Skipjacks, Cape Cod Buccaneers, Fitchburg Trappers, Mohawk Valley Stars, *Salem Raiders, Schenectady Chiefs and Winston-Salem Thunderbirds.
1982-83 : *Carolina Thunderbirds, Erie Golden Blades, Hampton Roads Gulls, Mohawk Valley Stars, Nashville South Stars and Virginia Raiders.
1983-84 : Birmingham Bulls, *Carolina Thunderbirds, Erie Golden Blades, Mohawk Valley Stars, Pineridge Bucks and Virginia Lancers.
1984-85 : *Carolina Thunderbirds, Erie Golden Blades, Mohawk Valley Stars, Pineridge Bucks and Virginia Lancers.
1985-86 : *Carolina Thunderbirds, Erie Golden Blades, Mohawk Valley Comets, New York Slapshots and Virginia Lancers.
1986-87 : Carolina Thunderbirds, Erie Golden Blades, Mohawk Valley Comets, Troy Slapshots and *Virginia Lancers.
Atlantic Coast Hockey League (2002-03)
Operated 2002-03. A minor pro league. Referred to as the ACHL.

Regular season league winners shown with *.
2002-03 :
Cape Fear Fire Antz, Jacksonville Barracudas, Knoxville Ice Bears, Macon Trax, *Orlando Seals and Winston-Salem Parrots.
Atlantic Coast Senior Hockey League
A senior amateur league. Referred to as the ACSHL and also known as the Atlantic Coast Senior League. Operated 1954-56.
Atlantic Coast Senior League
A senior amateur league. Referred to as the ACSL and also known as the Atlantic Coast Senior Hockey League. Operated 1954-56.
Atlantic Cup
In 1992 club sides from Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Sweden were invited to compete in a mid-week competition. Only French clubs HC Amiens and HC Rouen showed any interest and the proposed competition did not take place.
Atlantic Division
i. One of the divisions of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League.  Teams in this division in 1998-99 were New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins.
 One of the divisions of the Eastern Conference of the American Hockey League. Teams in this division in 1997-98 were Fredricton Canadiens, Portland Pirates, Saint John Flames and St John's Maple Leafs.
Atlantic Intercollegiate Athletic Association
Known as the AIAA.
Atlantic League
One of the four divisions of the European League.
i. Winners : 
1994-95 HC Rouen
1995-96 HC Rouen
Atlantic University Athletic Association
Known as the AUAA.
i. Youth Hockey teams in North America are seperated according to the age of players - normally as of the 1st of July in any year. Atom is the name given to hockey played by the under 6 year olds. 
ii. In some areas of North America, "Atoms" refers to 11 or 12 year old players.
Attacking Zone
For the team attacking the goal, the area between the blue line and the goal line is the attacking zone. 
Attersley, Bob (- )
International Career : Played for Canada in the 1960 Olympics.
Club Career : Played for Kitchener Waterloo Dutchmen 1960-61.
Medals : Won Olympic silver in 1960.
Atwell, Neil (1974- )
Club Career : Played for Milton Keynes Kings 1995-96.

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