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AS Neptunus (Arbeiders Schaatsclub Neptunus)
Logo ©
Antwerp, Belgium. Founded 1939.
Home ice : Sportpalais Merksem
Team colours :
Asham, Arron (1978- )
Born in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. Right-wing. Montreal Canadiens 3rd pick (71st overall) in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft.
Club Career : Played for Montreal Canadiens & Fredericton Canadiens 1998-99, Montreal Canadiens & Quebec Citadelles 1999-02 and New York Islanders 2002-04.
Ashbee, Barry (1939-1977)
Born in Weston, Ontario, Canada. Suffered an eye injury in a game against New York Rangers in 1974 which forced his early retirement. Died of leukemia. See Barry Ashbee Trophy
Club Career (playing) : Played for Barrie Flyers 1956-57, Lakeshore Bruins 1957-58, Barrie Flyers 1958-59, Kingston Frontenacs 1959-61, North Bay (Kingston) 1961-62, Hershey Bears 1962-66, Boston Bruins 1965-66, Hershey Bears 1967-70 and Philadelphia Flyers 1970-74.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Philadelphia Flyers 1974-76 (assistant).
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1974.
Honours : NHL All-Star Second Team defenceman 1973-74.
His number 4 jersey has been retired by Philadelphia Flyers.
Ashburn Xtreme
Logo © Ashburn Xtreme
Ashburn, Virginia, USA. Youth team which plays in the Capital Beltway Hockey League.
Home ice : Ashburn Ice House
Team colours : 
Ashe, Tom (1974- )
Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Defenceman.
Club Career : Played for Boston College 1992-96, Baton Rouge Kingfish 1996-97, Grand Rapids Griffins 1997-99 and London Knights (UK) 1999- .
Medals : Won the British Championship in 2000.
Asheville Aces [web site]
Logo © Asheville Aces
Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Played in the Southern Professional Hockey League 2004-06.
Home ice : Asheville Civic Center
Team colours : blue, green & white
General manager : Jeff Brubaker 2004- 
Head coach : Jeff Brubaker 2004- 
Asheville Civic Center [web site]
Asheville, North Carolina, USA. 
Home ice for : Asheville Smoke
Capacity : 6,434
Ice pad size : 185 feet x 85 feet
Asheville Smoke
Logo © Asheville Smoke
Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Played in the United Hockey League 1998-02. 
Home ice : Asheville Civic Center
Team colours : 
Ashfield Islanders
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Sutton-in-Ashfield. Played in English League Division 3 North in 1988-91. Played in English Conference 1991-93.
Home ice : none
Team colours : Blue, white and orange
See Alberta Senior Hockey League
Ashley, John (- )
Referee/Linesman. Worked 605 regular season NHL games as a referee and 17 as a linesman between 1959-72.
He also worked in 59 playoff games.
Honours : Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1981.
Ashton, Brent (1960- )
Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Left-wing. Vancouver Canucks 2nd pick (26th overall) in the 1979 NHL Entry Draft. Played in 998 NHL games. Suffered a knee injury in November 1993 which forced his retirement from hockey.
International Career : Played for Canada in the 1989 World Championships.
Club Career : Played for Saskatoon Blades 1975-79, Vancouver Canucks 1979-81, Colorado Rockies 1981-82, New Jersey Devils 1982-83, Minnesota North Stars 1983-84, Minnesota North Stars & Quebec Nordiques 1984-85, Quebec Nordiques 1985-86, Quebec Nordiques & Detroit Red Wings 1986-87, Detroit Red Wings 1987-88, Winnipeg Jets 1988-91, Winnipeg Jets & Boston Bruins 1991-92, Boston Bruins & Providence Bruins & Calgary Flames 1992-93 and Las Vegas Thunder 1993-94.
Medals : Won World Championship silver in 1989.
Asiago Hockey (HC Asiago) [web site]
Logo © HC Asiago
Asiago, Italy. Founded in 1935 by Cav. Edoardo Carli. Play in Serie A. 
Home ice : Odegar
Team colours : red & yellow
Affiliations included : HC Pergine, HC Valpellice Bulldogs
General manager : Renato Tessari
Head coach : Bogdan Jacopic 1981-82, Bruno Baseotto & Bob Manno 1998-99, Pat Cortina 1999-00, Benoit Laporte 2000-03, Paulin Bordeleau 2003-04, Heikke Leime & Paul Theriault & Angelo Roffo 2004-05, Tony Martino 2005-
Team captain : Franco Vellar 2002, Michele Strazzabosco 2004-05, Lucio Topatigh 2005- 
All-time best players : Rico Fata, Cliff Ronning, Lucio Topatigh
Honours : Presented with the 'Golden Star' (Greatest honour in Italian sport) in 1987.
Won Coppa Italia in 1991, 2000 & 2001.
Won Italian Championship in 2000-01.
Won Supercoppa Italiana in 2003. 
Asker Tigers
See Frisk-Asker Tigers
Asker, Norway. Built in 1969.
Home ice for : Frisk-Asker Tigers
Capacity : 2,000
Ice pad size :
Askew, Kelly (- )
Club Career : Played for Manchester Storm 1998-00.
Medals : Won the Benson and Hedges Cup 1999.
Asmundson, Oscar 'Ossie' (1908- )
Born in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Centre.
Club Career : Played for Bronx Tigers 1931-32, New York Rangers 1932-34, Detroit Red Wings & St Louis Eagles & Detoit Olympics 1934-35, New Haven Eagles 1935-36, New York Americans & New Haven Eagles 1936-37, Montreal Canadiens & New Haven Eagles 1937-38, Cleveland Falcons 1938-39, Cleveland Barons 1939-41, Philadelphia Rockets & Providence Reds 1941-42, Washington Lions 1942-43 and Coast Guard Cutters 1943-44.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1933.
Ässät Pori (Porin Ässät) [web site]
Logo © Ässät Pori
Pori, Finland. Founded in 1967 when two teams from Pori - Porin Karhut (Founded in 1932. Won Finnish Championship 1965) and RU-38 (Won Finnish Championship 1967) merged to form Porin Ässät. The team is usually referred to as just "Ässät" (aces in English). Played in Finnish SM-sarja 1967-75, Finnish SM-liiga 1975-89, Finnish 1. division 1989-90 and Finnish SM-liiga 1990- .
Home ice :
Porin jäähalli
Team colours: red & white
Affiliations have included : 
General manager :
 Lasse Heikkilä 1981-94, Veli-Pekka Ketola 1994-00, Jussi Palmroth (sports manager) & Kari Takko (after 7 games from start of the season) & Hannu Anttila (from start of fall 2000) 2000-01, Hannu Anttila & Antti Heikkilä 2001-02, Hannu Anttila (to September-October 2001) & Antti Heikkilä (until start of the year 2003) & Risto Kuparinen (acting) 2002-03, Juhani Tamminen 2003-04, Jukka Hirsimäki 2004- 
Head coach :
Lasse Heikkilä 1977-81, Antti Heikkilä 1981-86, Tapio Flinck 1986-89, Matti Keinonen 1989-91, Vasili Tihonov 1991-93, Veli-Pekka Ketola 1993-96, Veli-Pekka Ketola & Kari Makkonen (one game) & Juhani Tamminen 1996-97, Juhani Tamminen 1997-98, Esko Nokelainen & Veli-Pekka Ketola 1998-99, Vladimir Jursinov Jr 1999-00, Ismo Läntinen & Vladimir Jursinov Jr 2000-01, Vladimir Jursinov Jr & Kai Matalamäki 2001-02, Mika Toivola 2002- 
Team captain : Raimo Kilpiö 1971-77, Veli-Pekka Ketola 1977-81, Harry Nikander 1981-82, Arto Javanainen 1982-83, Tapio Levo 1983-89, Risto Tuomi 1989-90, Tapio Levo 1990-92, Olli Kaski 1992-94, Jokke Heinänen 1994-95, Jari Korpisalo 1995-97, Jari Levonen 1997-98, Pasi Peltonen 1998-00, Jari Korpisalo 2000-
All-time best players :
Honours :
Won the Finnish Championship 1965, 1971 & 1978.
Retired jersey numbers : 2 4 13  
Assenov, Ivaylo (1966- )
International Career : Played for Bulgaria in the 1999 World Championship Pool C.
Point awarded for helping set up a goal - given to one or two players on the attacking side if they have passed the puck in the move prior to a goal being scored.
Assistant Captain
The Assistant Captain (or Alternate Captain - they are the same thing, they perform the same role, they are just known by different titles around the world) wears an A on his jersey. Because ice hockey teams play in shifts of players, the Captain isn't always on the ice - so there are two Assistants on each team so that, hopefully, there is always a Captain on the ice. The Captain or the Assistant is the only player allowed to query decisions with the Officials.
Assistant Referees
See Linesmen
Association of Sports Historians
Bickley, Kent, England. The Association encourages and promotes all aspects of sports history - including study, collection, research and publication.  The Association organises conventions, issues regular bulletins and liaises with individuals and institutions.  The secretary is Chris Harte.
Astley, Mark (1969- )
Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Defenceman. Drafted in 1989 (194th) by Buffalo Sabres.
International Career : Played for Team Canada 1991-94. Played for Canada in the 1994 Olympics.
Club Career : Played for Calgary Canucks 1987-88, Lake Superior State 1988-92, HC Lugano 1992-93, HC Ambri-Piotta 1993-94, Buffalo Sabres 1994-96 (also Rochester Americans 1994-95), Phoenix Roadrunners 1996-97 and HC Lugano 1997-98.
Medals : Won Olympic silver in 1994.
Honours : CCHA All-Star First Team 1992
CCHA All-Star Second Team in 1991.
NCAA West All-American First Team 1992.
NCAA All-Tournament Team 1992.
Astrom, Hardy (1951- )
Born in Skelleftea, Sweden. Netminder.
International Career : Played for Sweden in the 1976 Canada Cup and the 1977 & 1978 World Championships.
Club Career : Played for Skelleftea AIK 1974-77, New York Rangers & New Haven Nighthawks 1977-78, Skelleftea AIK 1978-79, Colorado Rockies 1979-80, Colorado Rockies & Fort Worth Texans 1980-81, Oklahoma City Stars 1981-82, MoDo AIK 1982-84 and Skelleftea AIK 1984-86.
Jersey/Shirt numbers worn : 2

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