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Amann, Günther W (- )
President of the VEU Feldkirch hockey club.
Amar, Baptiste (1979- )
Born in France. Defenceman.
International Career : Played for France in the 2000 & 2004 Olympic Pre-Qualification Tournament, the 2000 World Championship Qualification Tournament, the 2000 & 2004 World Championships, the 2001 Olympic Qualification Tournament, the 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2005 World Championship Division I, the 2002 Olympics and the 2005 Olympic Qualification Tournament.
Club Career : Played for Lyon HC and Grenoble Bruleurs de Loups.
Medals : Won World Championship Division I (Group A) silver in 2001 & 2002.
Won World Championship Division I (Group B) gold in 2003.
Won World Championship Division I (Group B) silver in 2005.
Amarillo Civic Center
Amarillo, Texas, USA.
Home ice for : Amarillo Wranglers 1970-71, Amarillo Rattlers 2001-03, Amarillo Gorillas 2003- 
Capacity :
Ice pad size : 185 feet x 85 feet
Amarillo Gorillas [web site]
Logo © Amarillo Gorillas
Amarillo, Texas, USA. Formerly known as the Amarillo Rattlers. Played in the Central Hockey League 2003- .
Home ice : Amarillo Civic Center
Team colours : red, black & white
General manager : Darren McLean 2005-
Head coach : Joe Ferras 2003-06, Jim Wiley 2006-
Amarillo Rattlers
Logo © Amarillo Rattlers
Amarillo, Texas, USA. Founded in 1996 as a founder member of the Western Professional Hockey League. Played in the Western Professional Hockey League 1996-01 and Central Hockey League 2001-03. Name changed to Amarillo Gorillas.
Home ice : Amarillo Civic Center
Team colours :
General manager :
Grant Buckborough 2001-03
Head coach : Rob Brmner & Mike Collins 1996-97, Mike Collins 1997-98, Ken Karpuk 1998-99, Ken Karpuk & Neil Gondek & Kevin Abrams 1999-00, Kevin Abrams 2000-01, Joe Ferras 2001-03
Amarillo Wranglers
Logo © Amarillo Wranglers
Amarillo, Texas, USA. Played in the Central Hockey League 1968-69 & 1970-71. Ceased operations at the end of the 1968-69 season. Tried again in the 1970-71 season but couldn't operate a viable team due to poor crowds.
Home ice : Amarillo Civic Center 
Team colours : blue & white
Affiliations have included : Pittsburgh Penguins
General manager : Jack Button 1968-69, Rudy Migay 1970-71
Head coach :
Rudy Migay 1968-69 & 1970-71
Amateur Athletic Union
Acted as governing body for US ice hockey between 1930-36.
Amateur Draft
See NHL Amateur Draft
Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC)
Founded in 1887. This league was formed by five teams - Montreal AAA, McGill University, Montreal Crystals, Montreal Victorias and Ottawa HC. Québec City joined the league in 1888. Initially the league was played as a series of challenges with a champion being named after each series. The champion defended their title in each game - the league champion was the team to win the last game of the season! In 1892 a regular season was introduced with the champion being the winner of most games. The Stanley Cup was first presented to the winner of the 1892-93 season - Montreal AAA. In 1898-99 the AHAC gave way to the Canadian Amateur Hockey League.
Teams : During its six season the AHAC always had five teams.
1892-93 : Montreal AAA, Montreal Crystals, Montreal Victorias, Ottawa HC and Québec HC.
1893-94 : Montreal AAA, Montreal Crystals, Montreal Victorias, Ottawa HC and Québec HC.
1894-95 : Montreal AAA, Montreal Crystals, Montreal Victorias, Ottawa HC and Québec HC.
1895-96 : Montreal AAA, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Victorias, Ottawa HC and Québec HC.
1896-97 : Montreal AAA, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Victorias, Ottawa HC and Québec HC.
1897-98 : Montreal AAA, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Victorias, Ottawa HC and Québec HC.
Amateur Youth Hockey Links [web site]
The Windsor Minor Hockey Association web site currently includes detailed categorized Canadian and USA Youth Hockey links - one extensive page per Province or US Hockey District. The intent is to link every amateur youth hockey association currently on the web.  They plan to expand the service to include international youth teams.
A novel by Cleo Birdwell, published in 1982 by Mayflower Books.  A fictional autobiography of the NHL's first female superstar.
Ambri-Piotta (HC Ambri-Piotta) [web site]
Logo © HC Ambri-Piotta
Ambri, Switzerland. Founded in 1937. Played in the Swiss Nationalliga A.
Home ice : Eisbahn Valascia
Team colours : white, blue & red
Head coach : Pierre Page 2000-01, Rostislav Cada 2001-  
Honours : Won the IIHF Super Cup in 1999.
Won the Continental Cup in 1998-99 and 1999-00.
America West Arena
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
Home ice for : Phoenix Coyotes
Capacity :
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
American Airlines Center
Irving, Texas.
Home ice for : Dallas Stars
Capacity :
Ice pad size : 
American Amateur Hockey League (AmAHL)
A senior amateur league.
American Division
One of the divisions of the National Hockey League, introduced along with the Canadian Division for the 1926-27 season when the league had expanded to ten teams. The two division structure remained until 1937-38 by which time the NHL had been reduced to eight teams. From 1938-39 the NHL played as one division until the 1967-68 expansion when two divisions were introduced again - see the East Division and West Division.
American Hockey Association (1926-42)
A minor pro league contested between 1926 and 1942.
American Hockey Association (1992-93)
A minor pro league contested for the 1992-93 season.
American Hockey League (AHL) [web site]
Logo © American Hockey League
winners.gif (1349 bytes)
Founded in 1936. A minor pro League. The merger of the Canadian-American Hockey League and the International Hockey League resulted in the creation of the International-American Hockey League. The International-American Hockey League operated under that title 1936-39 and then changed its name to the American Hockey League from the start of the 1940-41 season. During the 1965-66 & 1967-68 seasons the AHL played an interlocking schedule with the Western Hockey League.

The American Hockey League started with nine teams in two divisions - Eastern Division and Western Division. Starting the 2002-03 season the league had 28 teams and six divisions across two conferences - Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Starting the 2005-06 season the league had 27 teams and four divisions across two conferences - Eastern Conference and Western Conference
President :  
Maurice Podoloff 1936-52
Emory Jones 1952-53
John B Sollenberger 1953-54
John D Chick 1954-57
Richard F Canning 1958-61
James G Balmer 1962-64
Jack Riley 1964-66
Jack A Butterfield 1966-94
David A Andrews 1994-
Amess, Ronald (1927- )
International Career : Played for Australia in the 1960 Olympics and the 1962 World Championships.
See American Amateur Hockey League
See Alberta Midget Hockey League
Amiens (HC Amiens Somme) [web site]
Logo ©  HC Amiens
Amiens, France.  Founded in 1967. This French club is known as "Gothiques" and between 1981 and 1997 there were 19 Amiens players who participated in the World Championships for France. Played in the European Hockey League in 1997-98. Played in the Continental Cup in 1998-99. Most prominent players: Antoine Richer, Dave Henderson, Pierre Pousse, Antoine Mindjimba, Dave Reierson, Evgeny Davydov, Vladimir Zoubkov, Michel Galarneau and Michel Breistroff.
Home ice : Coliséum
Team colours : black & red (home), white & red (away)
Honours : Won the French Championship in 1999.
Won the Marcel Claret Trophy in 1990-91, 1995-96 & 1996-97.
Retired jersey numbers : 10 27
Amiens Gothiques
See HC Amiens Somme
Amodeo, Dominic (1968- )
Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 
International Career : Played for Team Canada & Canada 1992-93.
Club Career : Played for Team Canada 1992-93, Charlotte Checkers & Providence Bruins 1993-94, Weiden EV 1996-97, Genève-Servette HC 1998-99, HC Merano 2000-01 and London Knights (UK) 2001- .
Amonte, Tony (1970- )
Born in Hingham, Massachusetts, USA. Right-wing. New York Rangers 3rd pick (68th overall) in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft.
International Career : Played for USA (Junior) 1988-90. Played for the USA in the 1998 & 2002 Olympics, the 1991 & 1993 World Championships and the 1996 World Cup of Hockey.
Club Career : Played for New York Rangers 1991-93, New York Rangers & Chicago Blackhawks 1993-94, Chicago Blackhawks 1994-02, Phoenix Coyotes & Philadelphia Flyers 2002-03, Philadelphia Flyers 2003-04 and Philadelphia Flyers 2005- .
Medals : Won Olympic silver in 2002.
Won World Cup of Hockey gold in 1996.
Honours : NHL All-Stars Roster 1997 & 1998.
NHL North American All-Stars Roster 1999, 2000 & 2001.
Jersey/Shirt numbers worn : 10
Amos, Robert (1972- )
Club Career : Played for Peterborough Pirates 1989-90, Milton Keynes Kings 1993-94 and Peterborough Pirates 1995-97.
Amromin, Boris (1975- )
International Career : Played for Israel in the 1995 (Pool C), 1996 (Pool D Qualification & Pool D), 1997-99 (Pool D) & 2001-04 (Division II) World Championships.
Club Career :
Played for Levski Sofia.
Medals : Won World Championship Pool D (Qualification) gold in 1996.
Won World Championship Pool D bronze in 1998.
Won World Championship Pool D silver in 1999.
Won World Championship Division II (Group B) silver in 2001.
Won World Championship Division II (Group A) bronze in 2002. 
Amsterdam Tigers
Logo ©
Amsterdam, Holland. The Tigers play in the Dutch Elite Division.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Amur Khabarovsk [web site Russian only]
Logo © Amur Hockey Club
Khabarovsk, Eastern Siberia, Russia. Amur is name of river in north east of Russia.
Home ice : Ice Sport Palace ( -03), Platinum Arena (2003- )
Team colours : blue & white
Honours : 

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