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Adair, Scott (- )
Born in Alberta, Canada. Defenceman.
Club Career : Played for Guildford Flames 1997-98.
Medals : Won the British National League Play-off Championships in 1998.
Won the British National League 1997-98.
Won the Southern Premier League 1997-98.
Adamec, Quido (1924- )
Born in in Prague, Czechoslovakia. A distinguished on-ice official and ice hockey administrator. He first refereed in 1946. He officiated in the Czechoslovak League 1952-69 and in seven World Championship Pool A tournaments, including the 1959 World Championships held in Czechoslovakia. He was the Chairman of the Czech Referee Committee 1973-  and a member of the IIHF International Committee of Referees for over 25 years.
Honours : Elected to the IIHF Hall of Fame in 2005 (official).
Adamik, Petr (1952- )
Born in Gottwaldov, Czech Republic. Defenceman. 535 league games (14 seasons) and 39 goals.
International Career : Played for Czechoslovakia 9 times (1973 World Championships).
Club Career : Played for TJ Gottwaldov 1966-71, Dukla Jihlava 1971-84, HC Como 1984-85.
Medals : Won World Championship bronze in 1973.
Czechoslovakian League Champion in 1972, 1974, 1982 & 1983.
Adams, Charles F (1876-1947)
Born in Newport, USA. First owner of the Boston Bruins in 1924-25. Owner of one of USA's largest grocery chains.
Honours : Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1960.
Adams, Craig (1977- )
Born in Seria, Brunei. Centre/right-wing. Hartford Whalers 9th pick (223rd overall) in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft.
Club Career : Played for Cincinnati Cyclones 1999-00, Cincinnati Cyclones & Carolina Hurricanes 2000-01, Carolina Hurricanes & Lowell Lock Monsters 2001-02, Carolina Hurricanes 2002-04, Milano Vipers 2004-05 and Carolina Hurricanes 2005- .
Jersey/Shirt numbers worn : 27
Adams, Gerad (1978- )
Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Defenceman.
Club Career : Played for Regina Pats & Kelowna Rockets & Portland Pirates 1998-99, Hampton Roads Admirals & Portland Pirates 1999-00, Richmond Renegades & Portland Pirates 2000-01, London Knights (UK) 2001-03, Sheffield Steelers 2003-05 and Cardiff Devils 2005-07.
Adams, John James 'Jack' (1895-1968)
Born in Fort William, Ontario, Canada. Centre. One of the founders of the International Hockey League. The Jack Adams Award was named in his honour, to commemorate his lifetime dedication to hockey. First president of the Central Professional Hockey League. The Adams Cup was also named in his honour.
Club Career : Played for Fort William Maple Leafs 1914-15, Calumet Miners 1915-16, Peterborough 247th 1916-17, Sarnia Sailors 1917-18, Toronto Arenas 1917-19, Vancouver Millionaires 1919-22, Toronto St Patricks 1922-26 and Ottawa Senators 1926-27. Coach for the Toronto St Patricks 1922-23 and Detroit Red Wings 1927-47. General manager of the Detroit Red Wings.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1918 & 1927.
Honours : Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1959.
Awarded the Lester Patrick Trophy in 1966.
NHL All-Star First Team coach 1936-37 and 1942-43.
NHL All-Star Second Team coach 1944-45.
PCHA All-Star 1st Team 1921 and 1922.
Adams, Kevyn (1974- )
Born in Washington, D.C., USA. Centre. Boston Bruins 1st pick (25th overall) in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft.
International Career : Played for USA (Junior) 1993-94. Played for the USA in the 2005 World Championships.
Club Career : Played for Grand Rapids Griffins 1996-97, Toronto Maple Leafs & St John's Maple Leafs 1997-00, Columbus Blue Jackets & Florida Panthers 2000-01, Florida Panthers & Carolina Hurricanes 2001-02, Carolina Hurricanes 2002-04, Düsseldorfer EG 2004-05 and Carolina Hurricanes 2005- .
Jersey/Shirt numbers worn : 11 14 15 16 42
Adams, Neil (1978- )
Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Club Career :
Played for Solihull Blaze 1998-99.
Medals : Won the English League Premier Play-offs 1999.
Won the English League Premier Division 1998-99.
Adams, Phil (- )
Club Career : Played for Streatham 1975-76.
Adams, Weston W (?-1973)
Honours : Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972.
Adams Cup
winners.gif (1349 bytes)
Originally awarded to the play-off champions of the Central Professional Hockey League/Central Hockey League. It is now awarded annually to the regular season champions of the Central Hockey League. Named in honour of Jack Adams.
Adams Division
One of the two divisions of NHL's Prince of Wales Conference introduced in the 1974-75 season. The division name was discontinued after the 1992-93 season.
Addison Division
One of the two divisions of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. The teams in this division in 1998-99 were St Boniface Saints, St James Canadians, Selkirk Steelers, Southeast Blades and Winnipeg South Blues.
Adduono, Rick (1955- )
Born in Fort William, Ontario, Canada. Centre. Boston Bruins 3rd pick (60th overall) in the 1975 NHL Amateur Draft. Also San Diego Mariners 2nd round (27th overall) in the 1975 WHA Amateur Draft. General Manager Greensboro Generals 2002-04.
Club Career : Played for Boston Bruins (one game) & Rochester Americans & Binghamton Dusters 1975-76, Rochester Americans 1976-78, Birmingham Bulls 1978-79, Atlanta Flames (three games) & Birmingham Bulls 1979-80, Klagenfurter AC & New Haven Nighthawks 1980-81, Fredericton Express 1981-82 and Thunder Bay Twins 1982-90. Coached Thunder Bay Twins 1982-90, Thunder Bay Flyers 1990-93 (assistant), Thunder Bay Flyers 1993-94, Thunder Bay Flyers & South Carolina Stingrays (assistant) 1994-95, South Carolina Stingrays (assistant) 1995-98, South Carolina Stingrays 1998-02, Greensboro Generals 2002-04 and Port Huron Beacons 2004- . 
Medals : Won the Patrick J Kelly Cup 1996-97 (assistant coach) & 2000-01 (coach).
Won the Henry Brabham Cup in 1996-97 (assistant coach).
Honours : Won the Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy in 1974 (tied with Jack Valiquette).
Won the John B Sollenberger Trophy in 1978 (tied with Gord Brooks).
Adelaide Avalanche [web site]
Logo © Adelaide Avalanche
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Founded in 1999. Play in the Australian Ice Hockey League.
Home ice : Thebarton Ice Arena 
Team colours : blue, black & white
General manager : Steve Wise
Head coach : John Botterill, Steve McKenna
Team captain :
Honours : Won the Australian Ice Hockey League play-off championship in 2000 & 2001.
Won the Australian Ice Hockey League in 2001 & 2005.
Adelaide Snowdome
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Now known as the Thebarton Ice Arena. 
Home ice for : Adelaide Avalanche
Capacity : 
Ice pad size : 182 feet x 85 feet
Adey, Paul (1963- )
Born in Canada. Right-wing.
International Career : Played for Great Britain 1995-  (including the 1999 World Championship Pool B).
Club Career (playing) : Played for Nottingham Panthers 1988-99 and Sheffield Steelers 2000-01. 
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Nottingham Panthers 2001-02 (shared duties with Alex Dampier) and Nottingham Panthers 2002-05.
Medals : Won the Benson and Hedges Cup in 1994, 1996, 1998 & 2000.
Honours : BIHWA All-Star forward 1996-97 & 1998-99.
Sekona Face To Watch - January 1999.
His number 22 jersey was retired by Nottingham Panthers.
Adirondack Frostbite [web site]
Logo © Adirondack Frostbite
Glens Falls, New York, USA. Played in the United Hockey League 2004- .
Home ice : Glen Falls Civic Center
Team colours : blue & white
General manager : Damon Markiewicz 2004- 
Head coach : Marc Potvin 2004- 
Adirondack IceHawks
Logo © Adirondack IceHawks
Glen Falls, New York, USA. Played in the United Hockey League 1999-04.
Home ice : Glen Falls Civic Center
Team colours : red, white & black
General manager : Art Shaver 1999- 
Head coach : Robbie Nichols, Gates Orlando, Pat Bingham, Bryan Wells, .. & Marc Potvin 2003-04.
Adirondack Red Wings
Logo © Adirondack Red Wings/thanks to Bob Cafazzo
Glen Falls, New York, USA. Played in the American Hockey League 1979-99.
Home ice : Glen Falls Civic Center
Team colours : red & white
Affiliations have included : Detroit Red Wings, Tampa Bay Lightning 1996-98  
General manager : Ned Harkness 1979-82, Jim Devellano 1982-85, Neil Smith 1985-89, Bill Dineen 1989-90, Barry Melrose 1990-92, Ken Holland 1992-97, Don Ostrom 1997-99
Head coach :
Bill Purcell 1979-80, Wayne Maxner 1980-81, Doug McKay 1981-82, Bill Mahoney 1982-83, Bill Dineen 1983-89, Barry Melrose 1989-92, Newell Brown 1992-97, Glen Merkosky 1997-99
Honours : Won the Calder Cup in 1981, 1986, 1989 & 1992.
Won the American Hockey League Northern Division in 1985-86 & 1993-94.
Won the American Hockey League Southern Division in 1988-89.
Adirondack Wings
See Adirondack Red Wings
Adler Mannheim
See Mannheim Eagles
Adrian, Hans (1925- )
Born in Sweden. Forward.
International Career : Played for Sweden in the 1950 World Championship.
Club Career : Played for Forshaga IF.
Medals : Won European Championship bronze in 1950.
Adriatic League
One of the four divisions of the European League.
Adult hockey
A level of recreational hockey defined by "The Hockey Talk" - an Adult hockey player is generally 21 and older and plays a skilled brand of hockey where slapshots are allowed.

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